Meet Lina & Ghita, two sisters with a love for art, interior design, and architecture, who are also the founders of Luun Ceramics, a Moroccan-based ceramic brand. 

They began by incorporating their passion for drawing and painting into their ceramic artwork. Laughter, mistakes, do-overs, excitement, passion, and patience are the main ingredients that go into each of their handmade creations.
The name Luun is derived from the Arabic word "لون," which means "color," reflecting their appreciation for colors and their significance in influencing our emotions and moods.
Lina & Ghita experiment with different color schemes and add playful touches to each of their pieces. The two artists create small batch handmade ceramics for people who appreciate natural materials that tell a story.
Luun's pieces highlight the little things that make up our daily lives, finding happiness in everything from our morning coffee to a pretty vase filled with vibrant flowers. Being 100% handmade and hand-painted, imperfections are part of the brand's identity. These small flaws reflect the human touch, making each piece unique.
Lina: "Although I pursued an academic path rather than a creative one in university, I have always been fascinated by the patterns in art, architecture, and the natural world. Drawing has always been therapeutic for me. My studies in business schools have also enhanced my interest in entrepreneurship and my desire to create and sustain my own brand. That's why I decided to merge art and business by creating a brand dedicated to handmade artworks."

Ghita: "Art has always been a massive part of my life. I started painting when I was 11 years old and have taken many painting classes with several Moroccan painters since then. My passion for art, design, and creativity also led me to pursue higher studies in architecture and interior design. Ceramics have been intertwined with architecture for centuries, serving various functions such as structural elements, surface coverings, decorative elements, and artworks within spaces. Creating a business in handmade and hand-painted ceramics was obviously aligned with my passion for architecture, painting, and art."